Icons of The Culture series: Steven Cogle x Shabazz Brothers

Icons Of The Culture series t-shirt by Steve Cogle x Shabazz Brothers featuring God Shammgod

Shabazz Brothers have partnered with Neo-Expressionist artist Steven Cogle to produce a capsule of limited-edition commemorative t-shirts designs for Summer 2020.

The theme of the capsule "Icons of the Culture," reflects the mutual admiration for three icons: Mike Tyson, God Shammgod, and Big Daddy Kane. They own unique positions in modern culture, as well as sharing extensive 30 plus years of historic relationships with the Shabazz Brothers brand. The Collab partners agree these icons have contributed greatly to shaping today's culture in their unique way and the t-shirt capsule is our way of paying homage.

Steven Cogle


"My paintings display what is in me — tribal Africa crossed with urban blight. A lot of bad stuff went down in East New York when I was growing up. By layering the paint on the canvas, I am also layering the experience of what I saw, tragedy, loss, confusion, hope, prayer, fantasy, survival. These things swirl around us all the time."

Iron Mike Tyson

Iron Mike Tyson t-shirt from the Steve Cogle x Shabazz Brothers collaboration

Steve Cogle grew up in ENY Brooklyn, in the shadow of Mike's huge profile, while the Shabazz Brothers history with Mike goes back to Harlem in the '80s. We unanimously agreed Iron Mike Tyson was the most feared and beloved boxer of our generation while having had the greatest impact on today’s Culture.

God Shammgod

God Shammgod black t-shirt by Steve Cogle x Shabazz Brothers collaborationWe unanimously agreed Shammgod's Crossover is one of the most impactful yet underappreciated and under-recognized innovations in modern basketball. Big Shamm, as we affectionately call his father, has been a big brother, mentor, and advisor to the Shabazz Brothers for over 30+ years and we've known and admired young Shammgod since he was an aspiring teenager.

Big Daddy Kane

Iconic rapper from the Golden Era of Hip Hop, known for his smooth but tough-guy persona, Brooklyn swag, a righteous, positive mindset, and most of all, his clever but intimidating lyrics. The partners have unanimously agreed Kane is an Icon worthy of our t-shirt homage. Our history goes back 30+ years, to our Melquan and Shabazz days at the launch of his recording career

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Tamari Allah Cox 20 hours ago

Avid t shirt collector. Excited. Determination,creativity, entrepreneurship consistency, a living legacy. That’s Shabazz brothers clothing line means to me. Continued success. Peace.

Stacy 20 hours ago

Beautiful collaboration.. I’m definitely supporting this. my big brother Shabazz veteran in this game..I’m ready to order!

Blacks kings movement! I salute you both✊🏾

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